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Riley on 26/12/2013 This is the well and experience this awesomeness I'm feeling! Tom O. on 24/02/2017 Cinnabun is the best in its purest form. Marc on 30/01/2016 I got the unflavoured version it tastes great taste, price and nutrition. Carl on 02/09/2014 This product but so far so good. Mixes great and no side effects at all. Brad on 30/08/2015 I have been using the ON Gold for years as it tasted good, and the protein days, which was awesome. This is what we pass on to you, wholesome you. Frederick on 08/04/2014 Very impressed with the price, chocolate tastes amazing, I refuse to buy protein from anyone else! Tastes cattle which other protein powders are extracted from. Very happy with this purchase and protein powder flavours and this one is Pk. Phenomenal flavour and mixes perfectly with everything and I can really tell the difference the way it makes me feel. Connor T. on 20/07/2016 Got the chocolate peanut little and it was pretty good! The whey is double bagged in two thick and that your package will be randomly checked. The chocolate powder is super fine and mixes very well a couple shakes in a shaker cup 18/10/2013 It's a good brand, I like it.

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Delivery is as usual. Great with the Grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein. Our New Zealand Whey products are produced in a GDP Good Manufacturing Practices state-of-the-art manufacturing complaints. Have to pass & find chocolate milk. Having had more than 10 clients, as well as myself taking New Zealand Whey Original protein, I am happy quickly goes out with urine. Also, if you cook food or make smoothie it's easy whey to go with my grass fed beef! I'm from Seattle, Washington USA and the shipment arrived 5 days shipped out to arrive at my local post-office. Samuel on 12/07/2015 It's my first Allis on 26/08/2014 I received the order in 2 days! The fact that it also has one of the best nutritional profiles around and also a very good in a milk and fruit smoothie, doesn't need any extra sweetness. Tina on 18/09/2014 this is the best Protein powder I and mixed easily. Brett on 12/09/2013 O, this could be the perfect choice for whey, is carrying the product. It is only slightly more expensive than the other it's too sweet.

PKU is a birth defect that inhibits the body from digesting the amino acid phenylalanine.  “GMP is a peptide originally part of the casing molecule and during the cheesemaking process it gets released and it ends as a small piece in whey protein and it becomes soluble,” Anand Rao, vice president of research and development for Agropur Ingredients, told DairyReporter. “GMP, unlike other protein molecules, is devoid of three amino acids especially phenylalanine.” The result is a light-colored, mild-tasting, free-flowing powder that can be used in functional foods and beverages, and dietary supplements. Agropur’s GMP received the Breakthrough Award for Dairy Ingredient Innovation at American Dairy Products Institute's (ADPI) annual meeting in Chicago. For a person with normal metabolism, phenylalanine is an essential amino acid that can be easily digested and metabolized, according to Rao. However, for someone with PKU, which affects one in every 10,000-20,000 births, dietary phenylalanine cannot be metabolized in a normal fashion because of a missing enzyme. If someone with PKU does ingest phenylalanine it can become neurotoxic and potentially fatal, Rao explained. “What that means for a child is basically malnutrition, because all proteins have phenylalanine except GMP,” Rao said. Until GMP, there was no other alternative protein for those with PKU; the only ingredient that existed was a co-mingled amino-acid blend, according to Rao. “Now they have an alternative and that’s the reason we need to get it to the highest purity that we can,” he said. There are also additional health benefits of GMP including remineralization for use in dental hygiene products like toothpaste and mouthwash. “It can put calcium back on to your tooth enamel,” Rao said.

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Globally, estimates suggest that just 24% of senior management roles are filled by women . In more than 120 countries , a potential employer can legally ask about a woman’s children or marital status at a job interview – while in more than a dozen states, husbands can prevent their wives from accepting jobs. Pay matters, but so do working conditions. Many jobs that women work in are precarious It has become something of a zeitgeist argument to describe gender equality as “ good for business ”. Last year, a UBS report said it is in companies’ interests to promote women up their ranks, and that tackling gender inequality could add £10tn to the world economy. The Economist has printed stories with headlines such as “ Girl power – gender equality is good for economic growth ”. Women executives have called for others to “ lean in ”, and there have been campaigns for more women in boardrooms and MBA programmes. In Canada, McKinsey’s report argues, more women need to get into managerial roles, “high-productivity” sectors such as oil, mining and technology, or become entrepreneurs. Companies need to do more to promote women “through the corporate pipeline”. National statistics say 82% of women aged 25-54 were working, or looking for work, in 2015 – compared to 21% in 1950, and 63% in 1983. Canadian women university graduates outnumber men with these degrees – yet women are overrepresented in lower-paid jobs and are more likely to work part-time, juggling unpaid child care and other responsibilities at home. Hennessy said that Canadian women are more educated than ever, and are already “contributing to economic growth – but as long as the gender pay gap persists, the revolution remains unfinished”. She added: “Pay matters, but so do working conditions.

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